Directed by Elettra Fiumi


A disease might shape her future but only she defines her legacy.


Celebrated UN humanitarian battling a debilitating disease attempts a twelve-day Grand Canyon mission on horseback and whitewater raft that includes extreme tests of strength, endurance and danger to shatter stigma against people with disabilities while inspiring everyone to find strength in struggle. Time is of the essence as her body’s muscles waste away, weakening her every move.


Cara E. Yar Khan ventures on a twelve-day expedition, descending over 5,000 feet of vertical loose terrain on horseback into the country’s deepest canyons. Three days later theyencounter the Colorado River, America’s lifeblood of the West. Here, where the water meets the rocks, Cara dismounts from her saddle and they set off by raft, for eight days, navigating over 150 miles of the United States’ biggest whitewater rapids.  What starts as the legacy quest of one inspiring humanitarian, becomes the story of a community who rallies to help her complete her mission - through some of the most terrifying tests of courage.

With picturesque and stoic Grand Canyon as a backdrop, Cara fights against the dangerous obstacles that nature presents and against the disease, with the help of her husband, John Masters, riding instructor, Kelcy Rainer, talented film crew, intuitive Mustang horse wranglers and valiant white water river guides. Throughout this journey, in a harsh and unforgiving wilderness, the expedition challenges and highlights the integrity of the human spirit, contrasted and framed by the majesty and grandeur of this Natural Wonder.

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